[BREAKING NEWS] Kim Tae Hee and Rain are DATING! Kim Tae Hee’s agency confirms dating reports between her and Rain

After Dispatch broke the news of a relationship between singer Rain and actress Kim Tae Hee, both agencies had remained silent about the issue.

However, earlier today, Kim Tae Hee’s agency finally confirmed that the dating reports between the two celebrities were, in fact, true.

“It is true that they have met, but at the present time they are slowly beginning to know more about each other with good and positive feelings,” the agency stated. “It has been about a month since their first meeting.”

Source: X Sports News


[NEWS] jiyeontaehee has changed to yoontaeyeon

Our has changed/tranferred to

The reason why changed is many people told me that change to other name because i’ve started posting Yoona (SNSD) & others.Some people thought i stopped posting Jiyeon and Tae Hee.But I was too busy since i had to prepare my exam.Actually now I’m being so busy.

Sorry 😦

Please be with yoontaeyeon 🙂

yoontaeyeon means yoon – yoona

tae-kim tae hee


I’ll post your favourites (Jiyeon,Kim Tae Hee,Yoona and more) 🙂

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[News] Who is the biggest money maker in each idol group?

The biggest money makers in each idol group have become a hot issue.

Jewelry‘s Yewon revealed that she makes the most money in the group. She said, “I make the most money recently. But even then, I don’t make that much.

SECRET revealed that Sunhwa makes the most money, followed by Jieun. The group used to split their profits equally no matter the solo activities but they’ve started to take their own solo activity profit 2 years after their debut. Jieun receives a little extra from album sales compared to the other members because she also participates in the background chorus.

UEE also revealed that she is the biggest money maker in After School, saying, “We’re getting some reactions from our Japanese promotions. I’m 1st by quite a bit.” UEE had been active in many activities, including dramas such as ‘You’re Beautiful‘, ‘Queen Seonduk‘, ‘Ojakgyo Brothers‘, ‘Birdie Buddy‘ and is currently working on ‘Jeon Woo Chi‘. She had revealed that at one point she made 10 times more than the poorest member in After School.

Super Junior also chose Siwon as the richest member. Kyuhyun said, “He’s #1 in his household, income, face and height.” Leeteuk also revealed, “Last year, I realized I was doing 8 programs. I hoped that I could be first, but I wasn’t. Siwon was first.” Eunhyuk added, “No matter how much we make, it’s less than what Siwon originally had.

Girls’ Generation‘s biggest money maker is YoonATiffany revealed, “Honestly, YoonA is #1. Right now, YoonA makes the most, but we’re doing ‘TaeTiSeo‘ promotions, so I’m looking forward to my income increasing.

SISTAR revealed that Hyorin made the most money. Their music and variety profits were split equally amongst all members, but drama profits were given only to the featured members.

L is #1 for income in INFINITEWoohyun said, ”L is famous for being the member that buys the staff the most with his #1 income.” However, L said humbly, “I believe that you should give as much as you make for it to come back. However, even though I’m 1st, the difference is only about 10,000 KRW (approximately $9 USD).

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LeeChu • 13 hours ago:

Thats how it is. Most of the time the visual makes the most. 
And thats becuase many companies want their face for their products and CF’s and they get casted in many dramas/sictoms also. Every group needs at least one visual to make the groups income more.

2PM – NichKhun
SNSD – Yoona
SUJU – Siwon
Infinite – L
2ne1 – Dara
JYJ – JaeJoong/Yoochun
SHINee – Minho
Miss A – Suzy
4minute – Hyuna
ss501 – Kim Hyun Joong
Wonder Girls – Sohee
Mblaq – Lee Joon
SECRET – Sunhwa
After School – UEE
Ft Island – HongKi
ZE:A – Siwan
CN Blue – YoungHwa
B2ST – Kikwang
T-ara – JiYeon
Kara – Hara


[News] Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo confirmed for new drama ‘That Winter, The Wind Blows’

Jo In Sung and Song Hye Gyo have officially joined the cast of the upcoming drama ‘That Winter, The Wind Blows‘.

A drama representative revealed, “Jo In Sung and Song Hye Gyo have been confirmed for the drama, ‘That Winter, The Wind Blows’, written by Noh Hee Kyung. Although various other actors were in the lineup for writer Noh’s production, it was decided in the end that Jo In Sung and Song Hye Gyo would have good chemistry together. This will be Song Hye Gyo’s second project with PD Kim Kyu Tae and writer Noh Hee Kyung.”

The drama will be Song Hye Gyo’s first since her appearance in Noh Hee Kyung’s drama ‘The World That They Live In‘ back in 2008. ‘That Winter, The Wind Blows’ is also Jo In Sung’s small screen comeback after his role in ‘Spring Day‘, which was his last project before he enlisted into military service back in 2005.

Source + Image(s): eNEWS24 via Daum & allkpop
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[News] Top 300 KPOP Idols’ Popularity in Japan & South Korea

1. Max Changmin (TVXQ)

2. U-Know Yunho (TVXQ)

3. Onew (SHINee)

4. Jonghyun (SHINee)

5. Hero Jaejoong (JYJ)

6. Minho (SHINee)

7. Key (SHINee)

8. Taemin (SHINee)

9. Youngmin (Boyfriend)

10. Kwangmin (Boyfriend)

11. Victoria (f(x))

12. Xiah Junsu (JYJ)

13. Yoona (Girls’ Generation)

14. Micky Yoochun (JYJ)

15. Heo Young Saeng (SS501) Continue reading