[Twitter] Jiyeon,Suzy & IU’s Twitter Conversation with translation

Ji Yeon: Kkwang
Suzy: Did you fall down? 
Ji Yeon: There is sound like burst in my head kkwang kkwang
Suzy: It may burst. It happens to me, too. ppang ppang
Ji Yeon: kekeke Do you only go to eat something with lovely Ji Eun? Take me to go with you
Suzy: Then I won’t go with Ji Eun eonnie anymore ㅇㅅㅇ I should go with you. I need a change 
Ji Yeon: Ok. Go with me. Let’s Ji Eun have meal alone 
IU: Ha…Our adorable Seonyoung (Luna) unnie doesn’t use twitter anymore..And then I’m treated in this way…aigo mommy ah…ㅠ0ㅠ
Ji Yeon: You can’t cook better than me
Suzy: You’re full now eonnie. We don’t want to eat pasta anymore
IU: Because of you, it was the first time I’ve eaten many pasta dishes like this…aigoo, daddy ah…ㅜㅜ
Ji Yeon: Let’s eat meat Suzy ah
IU: I wanna be alone..You two please get out of here..
Suzy: I~~~don’t wanna~~~ go out. By Suzy
Ji Yeon: Let’s her eat alone~~~ Our baby can do it very well even when she is alone