[NEWS] SNSD’s “Plastic Surgery” has been unveiled!!! (Yoona, Yuri, Jessica, Tiffany, Taeyeon, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung) 소녀시대


SNSD’s Plastic surgery News is becoming BIG TOPIC these days. First of all, I did not write this article to blame or criticize them. I just posted as I had done some research through the internet. I like them and I’m not blaming them for doing plastic and cosmetic surgeries. I respect people who do surgeries to fix their flaws and become more confident. We only live once and for SNSD, they are popular and we can totally understand their decisions because of their public appearances as a celebrity.

It is important to note that I support plastic surgery and it is people’s right to decide whether they want to do the surgery or not. The important thing is that I just wanted to show that nobody is perfect and also you have no right to blame them. Sometimes we just need little bit of improvements to look perfect in the spotlight.

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I like them and that’s why I found pictures of them. YOU KNOW, when you like someone, you get to search and want to know more and more about them. And look what I’ve found out.

I think 

-Seohyun hasn’t done any surgery.

I found these pictures from the internet (websites of SNSD and through Google).

So do not take this article so seriously. 

                          LET US BEGIN~

Jessica – Jaw Surgery + Fixed her teeth 



Hyoyeon – Eyelid Surgery + Jawline Surgery + Nose Job






Sunny – Eyelid surgery





Taeyeon – Eyelid Surgery, Nosejob, and Jawline surgery (?)



download (1).jpg

download (2).jpg

Tiffany – Eyelid Surgery & Whitening Skin

Notice: She was living in California so that it could made her skin tanned and brownish. We don’t know actually, right?



This picture shows that she had way brownier skin than now. Now she has brighter and white skin.



Yoona – Nose job and Jaw surgery



Capture1sd_ryu43852009030802004624816A_5ImageCapture2default (1)defaultf99f1ed95f8193b6562d0b06eee7c62bIMG_1823IMG_1828







Yuri – Eyelid Surgery



Sooyoung – Eyelid surgery


Do you agree (are you fond of) with this plastic surgery or not? If not why?


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507 thoughts on “[NEWS] SNSD’s “Plastic Surgery” has been unveiled!!! (Yoona, Yuri, Jessica, Tiffany, Taeyeon, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung) 소녀시대

  1. I would just like to say that in Korea, eyelid surgery is no big deal. Many high school girls get it done during school breaks, as presents from their parents or for their graduation photos.

  2. Wait a minute ! Sunny didnt chnge that much ! I mean she’s still the same if she take the makeup off !
    and Taeyeon well you can see from a pic in her highschool you posted she did not do a sergery
    Yoona did not do a sergery ! She has the same nose a the quality of the pics before is not good
    and nose’s shape change by the time !
    as for yuri and Jessi , well they obviously did it , but i am not a surgery expert
    Hyo before Hoot , I dont think she had a sergery ( that is just my opinion )
    Tiff is still the ame I see no difference except her white skin , I dont think she changed the color of her skin ==”

    • Uhm. Sunny unnie had eye surgery and cheek bones too (I think?!) while Taeyeon, Yoona and Tiffany unnie’s nose was done. It’s very obvious especially on Yoona and Tiff unnie’s case. Shocking yes but what’s done is done. Let’s just support them no matter what! Fighting!

      • noses change by time she didnt do a plastic surgery my nose changed alot from when i was young.

      • bruh as much as I love them very much , I don’t agree with them “contributing” in the growing trend of plastic surgery.They were beautiful before there was no reason for them to change how they look for any reason :/

    • True, also whitening your skin is no surgery thing (except for the case of micheal jackson)
      Your skin can definatly whiten six shades and up if you exfoliate and do pigment cream lotion that evens out skin toone (I do it to lighten my freckles, i also just stay out of the sun and put on a bunch of sunscreen and exfoliate!) Jessica and yuri are obviously the only one that has had surgery, taeyeon and yoona are the ones i have to disagree with the most, they look exactly the same!! Your nose does not stop growing and changing till your 17 and taeyeon looks exactly the same!

      • Omg people is so stupid MICHAEL JACKSON DIDNT TO A SURGERY OR SKIN WHITENING IT WAS HIS DESEASE fucking retards leave him alone.

    • i agree..tiffany didn’t do plastic surgery..maybe before debut she has fat but she make a practice and exercise,she get a slim body and her face change..or maybe her make up make she look different..come on guys don’t judge someone if we have no evidence..

    • My aunt is a plastic surgeon, and has done numerous plastic surgeries from minor nose jobs to full body restructure, and she also thinks and has a strong firm opinion that Yoona indeed did have a nose job, since, to put it simply, a nose’s height doesn’t change so drastically over time, not just from these photos, but comparing her photos from then to now.
      Though, its not always their fault, SM seems to have a liking for uniformity in terms of beauty.

    • yeah that’s true and according to tiffany’s close friend that she didn’t perform of any surgery…..ahmmmm and im doubting ’bout her skin cuz her brother and her sis have a white skin…..right?

    • Firstly, did you even go to school? It’s surgery, not sergery. And it’s rather obvious that Yoona went for surgery, her jaw line is so much more defined now.

    • no,you want know something?all girl generation make plastic surgery.and all kpopers is know about that.in korea that is normal,but for haters or non kpopers,that is not

    • As you grow older, your face can definitely change and lose fat. However, the cheeks are the only parts of the face that can change (without plastic surgery). I also heard, though. that you actually can change the shape of your nose, because the cartilage is soft enough to change the shape a little.
      I definitely think Sooyoung and Jessica got jaw surgery. I am not sure about Yoona’s nose, but I’m leaning towards the plastic surgery side. I don’t know if Tiffany’s skin was just whiter because she lost her Cali tan, but then again, it would have to take extensive care and almost no sun in order to lose that much skin color. I’m not sure about the rest. However, I still love all of them.

    • isn’t it obvious to u that they got plastic surgeries? their features are still similar but it’s a fact they did it, double eyelid, nose, jaw…everyone in snsd had surgeries and I hope they hadn’t though. I think seo didn’t change as much as the other members

    • I agree that all you said could be true except regarding Tiffany. I’m sorry but she clearly had the most work done, especially her chin, take a look at the close-up shots in the Mr Mr video, very obvious these days.

    • Somebody is bias towards them. You obviously fail to see the changes. Tifanny definately look way different. Look at the picture with Rain Bi. She look like a different person

    • go on…just defend your BITCH idols…shame on them…they got famous because of their physical appearance WHICH IS MADE BY SCIENCE…they just got the talent but not the face…sm idols suck

    • Why should they have to look better?Their natural face should be considered good enough. The girls were turned into products. They changed how they looked for fame. Where is their self esteem and pride?! Even the smallest changes produces superficial ideals and materialism. Not a good example to anyone.

      If how you look naturally isnt good enough for someone then they dont deserve you. We are humans nots dolls. Heck even dolls are being made to look more like normal people these days.

  3. For me its not PLASTIC SURGERY ! they’re faces change because they’re getting matured and they already putting make-up ! Lets not just judge that they used PLASTIC SURGERY ! lets just think first the other possible ways . but for me its really just on make-up !

  4. I pretty much agree that most of them had surgeries done. I think only Seo unnie is the natural one. So sad. I mean they already are beautiful and not too mention talented. It’s just disappointing that they had agreed on altering their faces because of the stereotypical entertainment world they entered, Oh well! I still love them all! I just hope that it stops from here before something goes wrong. FIGHTING DORKY ANGEL GODDESSES! 🙂

    • lol they had to get plastic surgery anyways part of sm entertainments contract rules so i dont blamed them for having it or else they will get kicked out lolz

    • Jessica did not get plastic surgery and I can 100% proof it as Jessica clarified it during an interview in a radio show and SM Entertainment denied that Jessica had any surgery but didn’t deny for the other members.

  5. I don’t think Sunny got her eyes done because they are still monolids if you compare it to her predebut pictures. That predebut pic you have is when she is fat, there are asians who have monolids when they are fat, but when they lose weight they form a small crease.
    example http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_rs0iTgf3pDg/TRWmxIFPnEI/AAAAAAAAAM4/wQ78mK568yw/s1600/sunny.jpg http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/26700000/Sunny-lee-soonkyu-sunny-snsd-26732318-174-203.jpg and http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lybwheTUwG1qkdrwzo1_250.jpg notice her eyes in the last picture are still monolids but more open even though she was chubby but not as chubby as the picture you had. Also as she got older and lost weight her eyes got more open but she didn’t develop double eyelids. after debut http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-C02aXcD4c28/UOeyV-EG2XI/AAAAAAAAWvQ/I3Lhf1SwUoI/s400/SNSD+Sunny+I+Got+A+Boy+Wallpaper+HD.jpg http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-0heT79Cu4j8/T6CyVJURyeI/AAAAAAAAAKA/PxJFbR4XHpA/s1600/snsd+sunny+selca+%282%29.jpg http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR2iG0eo5dWmrGXCvzDD_quJOCIARZvBY1F9ijCuYDzgU5JalPWkA she still has her monolids

  6. I don’t think Sunny got her eyes done because they are still monolids if you compare it to her predebut pictures. That predebut pic you have is when she is fat, there are asians who have monolids when they are fat, but when they lose weight they form a small crease.
    example http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_rs0iTgf3pDg/TRWmxIFPnEI/AAAAAAAAAM4/wQ78mK568yw/s1600/sunny.jpg http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/26700000/Sunny-lee-soonkyu-sunny-snsd-26732318-174-203.jpg and http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lybwheTUwG1qkdrwzo1_250.jpg notice her eyes in the last picture are still monolids but more open even though she was chubby but not as chubby as the picture you had. Also as she got older and lost weight her eyes got more open but she didn’t develop double eyelids. after debut http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-C02aXcD4c28/UOeyV-EG2XI/AAAAAAAAWvQ/I3Lhf1SwUoI/s400/SNSD+Sunny+I+Got+A+Boy+Wallpaper+HD.jpg http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-0heT79Cu4j8/T6CyVJURyeI/AAAAAAAAAKA/PxJFbR4XHpA/s1600/snsd+sunny+selca+%282%29.jpg http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR2iG0eo5dWmrGXCvzDD_quJOCIARZvBY1F9ijCuYDzgU5JalPWkA Sunny’s eyes look the same as they did predebut but not based on when she was as fat. Use more predebut pictures because they are more of her when her eyes were more open and it wasn’t because she got double eyelids.

  7. Aish! This post and the pictures again eh?
    SNSD have explains it themselves that they sometimes lose or gain weight and it will affect their looks too, and make up can do magics! They’re not doing any plastics surgery and some of the pictures are hoax! Edited from the antis! Hurgh -___-“

    • Come on be realistic. There’s no way you can change your nose shape even though you have the most expensive make up in the world. That all were because of surgery for sure.

    • While yes makeup can do a lot, a well as weight loss/gain that does not explain the major changes. Just because they say so does not mean it is always true. BUT same could be said about this. ShOOoo… 😶

    • Haha, I’m not an anti at all. I like SNSD. But you really think half of your cheekBONE just disappears if you loose weight?
      By the way, since their debut they all have a good figure. They don’t loose that much weight, that it would make such a difference.
      I really like them, but to say they have never done anything is just ridicolous. Just accept the fact. I don’t like it either, because in my eyes they were pretty in their predebut days. But really, you can loose weight on your hips, legs, arms and cheeks. But no one looses weight on their nose bridge like you are saying in Yoona’s case! 😀

  8. Please explain to me this: why does it matter to any of you if they get plastic surgery or not? It’s their bodies and they can do whatever they want with them. I’m sure idols in EVERY country get plastic surgery. I know for certain that US actors/actresses and singers get plastic surgery. Who cares? It doesn’t make me suddenly hate them for being “plastic.” People need to calm their tits.

  9. I don’t think that all had surgery
    Yoona, sunny, taeyeon had surgery cuz their facial features are really similar to their debut
    Tiffany doesn’t look much different either except for her skin which is ok
    Besides even though they look different they must have matured or lost weight during while they were trainees since sm makes them work their butts off
    I agree with reschny
    Eyelid surgery isn’t major
    Plus the information and images could be fake and edited or done by an anti sone

    • you said yoona, taeyeon and sunny had surgery cause their facial features are really similar to their debut ???? how do you explain that ?? sunny didnt do surgery also yoona and taeyon because if u get older the structure of ure face changes ryt ??? thats why all of them didnt have surgery well no hard feelings bro !! jijij

  10. Tiffany was darker bcs she spent a lot of time on beaches in california getting tanned thats why she was darker before,…in her pre debut blog when she went to Korea she said it how she missed her cali tan so much bcs well in Seoul there are no beaches like in California where she lived most of her life

  11. If you get or lose weight , your facial features change a little bit, but they do NOT change a lot, for example, if you lose weight the shape of your nose is NOT going to change, accept it, you can ask a doctor of any kind, and he will tell you.

    I love girls generation, and I can say that I’m agree with their surgeries. if they feel good with themselves now, then, who are we to judge them? They have all the right to get a surgery if that is going to make them feel better. I think they are beautiful with or without surgeries. I’m not going to stop loving them just because they have made a surgery on their faces.

  12. At first, I can’t believe if they really have surgery. But, I don’t care if they have plastic surgery. Because the most matters to me is they sang and dance well. Plus, they entertain us with their great funny humor 🙂

    • Some of them cant sing well like yoona or hyoheon but they can really dance as for sooyoung yuri and sunny they can sing but cant control there voices well as for jessica she can sing but her voice is to soft it can crack at any time but tiffany seohyun and taeyeon they can sing and control there voices at times thats why there tts there really the best in snsd other wise great group

  13. honestly …… I prefer them without plastic surgery … we should look at they talent ,,, not from the face… side effects of plastic surgery … very badly ….i think they think if they not beautiful face no one see them … if we look at how the way they do plastic surgery similar like cut of meat …. gelikk!!!. seriously if they not do plastic surgery … I feel very very proud … … natural beauty …. waste of money for plastic surgery .. for me the beauty of secondary importance, but the most important good heart …i just want them to know that their talent is more important … but it’s ok … I still be their fan ,,, i really hope meet them private ….. saranghae so nyuh shi dae aka girl generation (soshi ) ❤

  14. Maybe Antis photoshopped their old pictures then compared it with their new pics just to say they did plastic surgeries

    • But going through the trouble to make sure the nose looks exactly the same in each of Yoona’s photos seems troublesome. I can’t tell on the others but I believe Jessica had a jaw reduction because it is a bit obvious and why fans can point it out so easily. Hyoyeon had a nose job and jaw reduction because her jaw looks a lot softer now. If the Photoshop pictures are true then only valid evidence for Yoona is the SUJU mv U because you can tell she got a jaw reduction.

      Some of us are curious and they shouldn’t be held at fault whether they wanted it or SM told them to do it. Sometimes with that company it is seem like talent comes second to looks.

      And in the Kpop world you just not a singer but an “Idol.” It always seems like there is always placed value on looks to pull in the fans. It’s even better when you have a great personality.

    • It’s impossible. If they did, they could be sued by SNSD. No one sued them because those pics are real.

      Just accept the fact that all of them had done plastic surgeries.

    • C’mon dude don’t be so naive. If it helped their careers I understand completely but they shouldn’t try so hard to pretend be something they’re not … they are obviously not natural beauties. Also personally I preferred how they look before all the plastic surgery… they look less scary and porcelain doll like

  15. i think they all just grew out of their baby features, especially their jawlines and noses! except for the eyelids, i don’t think we can grow up to have double eyelids from single eyelids, lol! but i think seohyun and sooyoung had surgery? idk! i think for seohyun, she did her nose and her aegyo fats(under her eyes) and for sooyoung, she did something to her jaw? for me, tiffany & yuri & sooyoung had the largest change 😮 and again, it’s only in my opinion..

    • You can grow up to have double eyelid, because when I was child I had a single eyelid and now I have in one of my eye a double eyelid and the other a single eyelid (it is a problem for me :p, I have one eye bigger than the other because the double eyelids do bigger the eye) . I think that the jawline cannot change because the bones cannot modificate if you do not do a surgery, the jaw can do bigger but the line of the bones cannot change. It is my opinion.

    • you know what… jawline surgery can actually be done.. anyways idc if they did surgery because I still love them, their song, their themselves iare most important XD

      yups so true Tiffany, yuri looks largest change XDD
      me nowadays think seohyun face change… XDD

      btw its true that we will change due to grow up XDD but de fact thing about korea.. surgery is like part of life.. XDD hehe

    • This is stupid. Surgery is really widespread and though its justified that were fans, believing that they didnt have anything done is stupid. Take Sica for example, she doesn’t look anything like her former self and saying that she just outgrew that is plain ridiculous. Its no big deal if they had surgery, we can still support them. Comments like this is just so annoying because it sounds delusional and naive.

  16. dear: girls generation
    there’s no. 1 to hurt you all of you with the plastic face don’t think about it becuse you’r in hurts
    of you’re heart just think that you’re smile and happy in you’re friends like yoona yuri sunny all of

  17. I do not agree with plastic surgery becouse a lot of people say that they was natural and it is not true. If they feel better, okey. But they have not a natural beauty. For exemple: Yoona is not a natural beauty, she change the jaw and nose (the nose, I do not believe but the jaw, of course). I am not a anti girls generation and I like their songs but it is the really true. Nowadays, they are more beautiful but I am not agree. A lot of people want to be beautiful and snsd should be genuin and teach the other girls who are fans.

  18. There’s a puberty!! Nose shape changed, face shape change! Or maybe because of their class A make up! Duh!? Double eyelid doesn’t make a big deal! They only have a little unlike any other girls there! xP

  19. lol everybody that hates snsd will obviously be here so most of the comments are obviously bad 😀 but if u guys actually know they were forced to get plastic surgery part of the stupid sm entertainment contract or elsed they would get kicked so yah

  20. what da? plastic surgery in korea is no big deal. if it helps you to be more confident, so be it! those who says they’re plastics? duh?! lokk at yourself first. if you were in their position won’t you do the same?

  21. For taeyeon after picture(the picture where she is lying down) she used a double eyelid glue/tape. It is also believable that she has natural double eyelid low crease be ause when i saw taeyeon sister,hayeon photo she actually got natural low crease double eyelid. I know it sounds impossible to many of u that taeyeon has natural double eyelid. Just my opinion

  22. Taeyeon said in Chin Chin that she didn’t do that eyelid surgery, but I think recently she just did a somewhat lip surgery because her upper lip is swollen.

  23. Yoona is natural in her jaw and eyes. It was just in super juniors u, they did so many different camera angles to make her seem ugly and plastic now. But she was in magic castle tvxq and in that video, she looks the same as she is now and that video was made 2 years before u! She did get nose and I am not sure about jaw, eyes, and belly button though….

  24. Girls change always from kid to adult~Please~~~
    They will become prettier when adult~ ^_^
    It’s normal for me~ 🙂
    If they really had plastic surgery I also LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! ❤
    Cause they didnt have such more plastic surgery like Michael Jackson!! xD
    And they are really talented~~
    My bias is Taeyeon~~ I love her because of her cuteness!!! Now she become pretty…….. I prefer her when she had not debut yet…. She 'was' so cute~~ Now I also love her although she lost her CUTE face!! ❤

  25. For me Jessica has the largest change, no doubt she did a cosmetic surgery.
    Hyoyeon is so much prettier now, I think she did something too.
    Seohyun for me is the most natural. :))

  26. Just because their pretty doesn’t mean they had surgery. Its also called losing weight and growing and puberty
    and you just had to get the ugly photos… if you look at the prettier predut pictures they look the same..
    People say Seohyun had surgery to remover her eye bags but then why does she still have them.

  27. it doesn’t matter if they under go plastic surgery its their right and its their body. For those who’s saying negative things to them, this is the only thing that I can say “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS”. they are very talented, they also didn’t harm anyone so why some of you are saying that they are stupid, plastic or what so ever. They are pretty the way they are.

    for Girls Generation don’t mind your haters and I love yah girls 🙂

  28. it’s awful that all of them have plastic surgery and It’s not just the eyes, lot of things have changed before and after. Very sad if you don’t like the way you look to change even the shape of your face, nose, eyes. What else? ears? brain? Love kpop but not this side of it,

  29. OMG. EWWWWWWWWWWWW~ some idolize them for having good looks, they’re pretty much popular not only because of their talents but also because of their looks, not knowing they were all made by SURGERY. Its not that I hate them Its just that people praise them for their beauties, which are not natural. YUUUCKS. I still prefer those idols who are naturally pretty. 🙂

  30. SNSD should be very thankful to these surgeons, cause the hell, they look way too different before. HAHAHA. they’re fortunate SM spent money for their surgeries, or the hell, they’d look very ugly.

  31. Although I don’t exactly encourage plastic surgery, I have to say that SNSD and plastic surgery is fine. In Korea, everyone gets plastic surgery. Originally I was against all these rumors, but you have to understand that they live in a different country (than the most of us) so the culture and view of the people is different. I live in the US, so I am in the middle of boo-ing or liking it because it’s a common topic here. Also, don’t call them “fake” or “plastic bitches”. You don’t know their true personality and neither do I so you can’t judge. Even if you hate these girls just because of the tiny fact that they got surgery to look better, remember your oppas got it too.

  32. I love taeyeon voice so much. It doesn’t matter how do they looked. If we pretty enough, but don’t have any talent. We are only a “haters” who hate to those who have a natural talent like them. A plasic surgery in korea for me… is not a big deal i guess. they was so talented in singing and dancing. im okay with that because GIRLS GENERATION is already a phenomenon. Entire asia recognize them. Also in europe. Don’t judge me. Just my opinion 🙂 – from malaysia

  33. I think yoona didn’t do a plastic surgery,her childhood photo is same like now,but the other members is a little bit different😁

  34. This is wrong at so many mother fucking levels sir, you can’t even.
    I’m NOT first of all trying to offend them. I’ve been an avid SONE since 2007.
    Also I’m not trying to defend them because everyone knows that if you want to be famous. Here’s a knife.


    Jessica: Her Jawline surgery is accurate, ender eye surgery (her “Aeygo-Sal” is drastically smaller than her predebut), and either Botox or Face lift because in Picture le #1 http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lvotmqIAov1r2vtglo1_250.png her cheeks are lower than picture le #2 http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/070/d/2/jessica_snsd_png_by_sonesnsd-d5xod4r.png

    Hyoyeon: Absolutely nothing. Her eyelids are the same. Her under eyes aren’t smalled nor bigger.
    Picture Le #1 http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lf27dxfVAi1qcgyaa.jpg
    Picture le #2 http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/31600000/Hyungsuk-Hyoyeon-Selca-kim-hyoyeon-31604400-201-288.jpg

    Sunny: She just has a VERY low double eye lid. If she had surgery, it would be around the top middle photo. In any other case she just lost a lot of weight. Or she didn’t have double eyelids back then and she still doesn’t have them
    Le picture #1: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-09H9QIGJwNY/T23GiAgWqQI/AAAAAAAACVg/V7bIS8ln4V0/s1600/beritakpop_Sunny_SNSD_Pre_Debut_6.jpg
    Le Picture #2: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-rm8p4ikUSDg/UZRxzYBKcWI/AAAAAAAADnM/WKaPqEMfQAs/s1600/130515+taeyeon+instagram4.jpg

    Tiffany: Skin Whitening is NOT surgery
    Her NOSE for sure. It use to be slightly crooked but now it’s not. It’s also slightly pointier when she smiles. The second is her jaw line. No super diet, weight loss could do that. If it did, someone call 911, I need that diet plan.
    Picture le #1:http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-IE0iAHDvm70/T0EZLknB1wI/AAAAAAAAAZY/cjflLqm_jvY/s1600/berita-kpop.blogspot.com_Tiffany_SNSD_Pre_Debut_01.jpg
    Picture le #2: http://instagram.com/p/aC_vVwH_is/

    Sooyoung: I really didn’t think so until Genie and beyond. Her nose is the same but Her jaw got thinner. And that ain’t weight loss cause she’s already stick thin.

    Seohyun: Her nose. It got smaller. Though I’ve been debating since her nose looks different in EVERY photo
    Picture le #1: http://www.wewantkpop.com/image/seohyun_takes_airplane_selca_paradise_in_phuket-4990.html
    Picture le # 2: http://sujufemm.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/seohyun-pre-debut.jpg

    Taeyeon: She didn’t have doubles back then and she doesn’t have them now.
    Link: http://asiaphiles.blogspot.com/2012/04/girls-generations-taeyeon-opens-eyes.html (really informational)

    Everyone say’s she’s the prettiest. Or the natural-est. etc. etc. And to be honest, She’s not. Her nose has been explained. And her jawline has been shaved. Her under eyes are smaller and her cheeks are filled.
    Picture le #1: http://soshikingdom9.wordpress.com/2013/05/29/130530photo-taeyeon-instagram-updates-for-yoonas-birthday/130529-yoona-birthday-from-taeyeon-instagram/
    Picture 2: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lf3xq6tCu11qcgyaa.jpg

    Yuri: double eye lids. (too lazy and self explanatory)

  35. I love SNSD and I’d still love them regardless of what they do to their face and bodies. What really makes them are their personalities and talent. Their looks are secondary to me. Sure, not having work done sends a message that flaws are OK but It’s the entertainment industry. They are the face of Korea. That alone is quite a burden to carry.

    Let’s focus more on their performances and their ability to put smiles on all our faces rather than starting stuff like this.

    And Smileee: Yes, you can grow into double eyelids. I was born with single eye lids but after 5 or 6, they turned into double on their own.

  36. Well… few of the members definitely had something “done”, but I see no difference in Yoona… it might just be me, but I really can’t tell the difference. Guess some people are really born with natural beauty. Haha

  37. Lol, I don’t think so. THOSE ARE THEIR YOUNG PICTURES, So it means, they are still YOUNG in that time, they can’t do surgeries unless you are in the right age to have it. A young face is still changing until you are in a mature age. Think of it guys.
    Even us, doesn’t our face changing when we are growing up? Lol, this post is ridiculous.
    And even if they done surgery, it’s not a big deal in Korea. They don’t care about it. And to those people who are saying “what a plastic! eww!”
    Loooool, this has nothing to do in yourselves unless you felt something like ‘jealousy’ then it’s your problem.

  38. B*tch please!!
    Tiffany grew up in USA, & American ppl likes TAN SKIN! well she probably tanned her skin way back then, & HELLO? she’s a PURE korean, and Koreans are white skinned people!! she made her nose done, & eye surgery obviously.

    In Hyoyeon, obviously ONLY NOSE!

    your posts are all OVER EDITED huh?!


  40. Anti’s are hating so bad cause they dont have what Girls generation have Aww poor bitches 😦

  41. You know what, SNSD all can have surgeries if they wanted too. I don’t get why plastic surgery has to get in the way of their talents? As long as they’re talented, I will always love them. For example, if CL was to get PS I wouldn’t care. She’s talented. That is all that matters to me.

  42. Plastic surgery or not, it’s their choice. Great genes are the best of course but not everyone has great genes. It’s not easy to maintain all the ‘jobs’ and it is a sacrifice which is not one-time off. It’s about choice and perhaps MONEY too. Materialistic nature of human beings will always be there.

  43. of course, Yoona is BEAUTY NATURAL! ……Those photos are just a bad angles of her face..

    Demonstrating her natural beauty: Both photos taken in the same year —> 2013.
    ►proof 1: Yoona’s selca 2013 (January) ( her nose looks more small and a little chubby):: http://pbs.twimg.com/media/A_2GEmiCEAAfCHr.jpg

    ► proof 2: Yoona’s selca 2013 (April) ( her nose looks more thin and profiled): http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-aF_L9jflrx8/UX4OlUX9meI/AAAAAAABl5w/uoCU727K4Lc/s1600/snsd+yoona.jpg

    ► proof 3: Yoona’s selca 2013 (May) ( her nose looks more round, a little big and a little chubby again, what’s up with her nose profiled and thin?..Nothing happened, just the angle and makeup are different, but this is her same nose.) : http://snsdpics.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/yoona-selca-6.jpg:

    ***** how she can change her nose every month? lol . She does not change her nose every month, because Yoona has a natural nose, the only one difference is the way you use makeup, the angle of the photos and the expression on her face, that’s all.

    ►Proof 4: YOONA & HER FATHER have the SAME NOSE! : http://www.flixya.com/files-photo/d/i/v/divinity80om-1895140.jpg

    ►► Demonstrated to be just the angle and also makeup. YOONA IS 100% NATURAL BEAUTY.

    ►►► Once JANG KEUN SUK was accused of plastic surgery on his nose, He DENIED that surgery and started laughing at that stupid accusation, as he stretched his nose from side to side with your fingers, his nose open so everyone take a look at inside of his nose orifices, .. . Jang Keun Suk then said that the nose can look thinner or thicker or rounf depending of your makeup artist.
    The makeup makes impressive retouching in his nose , and also the expressions of your face and the angles of photography much influence. That answered jang keun suk (2011).

  44. I’ve been a fan of Taeyeon and Tiffany since they debut.
    Tiffany didn’t get anything done as much as other did.

    Tiffany : Straightening her teeth, bleaching skin.
    She had orthodontic braces on two front teeth.
    If you look at her in 2007-2009, her jaw is long and a bit wide. After the treatment, her facial-structure is pretty round and more symetrical.

    I am not sure that Dental braces is considered as a Plastic Surgery or not.

    Her skin just turn too pale in 2011. (Natural white skin and bleaching skin are different tone.)

    Eyes: No surgery. Double eyelids glue / tape or make up. (Check Dancing Queen MV)

    Taeyeon : Nose fillers, Double eyelids tape (Check her airport pictures without eye make-up.)

  45. People just /have/ to be so criticizing :/ I understand that getting plastic surgery is something that people would find nonsensical. But in Korea, this would be normal. Wanted perfection in looks is the most rated in Korea. They would get things done to make themselves feel better. People out of this country(Korea) would say, “Why would you change yourself to please the entertainment’s eyes?” or “They would be fine without the plastic surgery. They should believe in themselves more” , but what if they wanted to change? I understand that you would feel sympathetic for them, but that’s just how it is. They all want to look pretty, and undergo many surgeries. It’s not because the company forces them to. I really hate those people who start to dislike something because they realize that it’s not what they thought it was. People should really become more understanding and perceptive. I do respect other’s opinions, though. This is mine’s.

  46. I think we should remember that when the ‘before’ pictures were taken, the girls were a lot younger.
    7 years have passed and it’s normal that your face changes through the years.
    And as some others said, the eyelid surgery is very common in South-Korea, as well as the ‘V-line’ surgery. But I doubt that anyone of them had that one…
    (and some pictures are from other celebrities and people, they look like the members from SNSD but they aren’t them. Like with YoonA) And no matter what, there will always be SONE for them!

  47. Uhmm can I have a say here about tiffany it is normal for her to have that skin remember she is not korean she is south californian as for the others we should respect their decisions in life they wanted this and we should respect that as for the anti’s I am not protecting no one I am just defending the girls’ right to make their decisions in life and antis why bother look up something your not interested in why not just ignore these type of things if you hate it why bother see it in the first place would you rather not waste your time in in commenting bad things in life of others stop going to these type of things if you don’t like them your just wasting your time commenting on how bad they look or what they have done to their faces or skin if you can’t accept thet they look like that now then just get out of kpop business cause they have done it and what’s done is done you can’t change anything by commenting bad things about kpop ok peace out I am not trying to fight the antis but please if you hate them just ignore them and don’t hate kpop because we fans defend them that’s what we do we support them to the fullest and respect what they chose to do so yeah peace….

  48. Lol. How can you get surgery to whiten skin? There is no such thing. There are products that can whiten skin. Plus snsd tiffany lived in California. In California it’s sunny 24/7. So obviously she would have a tan. Stupid. And I get a tan in the summer but I turn pale again in the winter. Did I do anything? No. So stop being immature.

  49. I’m a huge Sone but I think some of them did get PS too. However. that does not change the fact that I love their personalities and their voices/talents. It really doesn’t matter if they did get it changed cause really. Who’s it hurting? Just because someone got eyelid surgery doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Most kpop stars do get something done, and that’s their decision. It doesn’t effect their talents, and if it makes them more confident, then so be it.
    And I’m sure if you found a ugly picture of yourself 5 years ago, you’d feel the same as the girls were feeling. You don’t look the same years ago, that’s for sure. Plus, they have been wearing more make-up than their nature debut days /

  50. ????? Surgery ….. or not ….. NO PROBLEMO I LUV IT ……. 😀 and I don’t care What other comment said

  51. i don’t agree with tiffany’s face whitening. i heard because of korea’s weather their skin tends to be light (if you haven’t noticed, all idols have light skin). same thing with ailee. she was born and raised in the US, but if you look at her now compared to her old youtube videos all that has changed is her skin color.

  52. I just think, that they grew up and changed, because in half of those pictures the are STILL KIDS, so they were changing every year. You can see a lot of differencies after they got MATURE. By the way, if some of you didn’t know, when you join a kpop group they want you to start whitening your skin; if you noticed, almost all kpop singers have pale white skin 🙂
    And if you like them only for their beauty, then f*ck of, because they have really good VOICES and dancing SKILLS, they were training/working so hard to get what they have now, can you do better? I don’t think so!

  53. Why are you comparing photoshoot pictures to their old photos? Why don’t people compare with bare face pictures? Make up can do wonders you know….

  54. i think no matter how true or false about their surgeries.. we don’t have the right to judge them… and beside i still like them… sone don’t like snsd not because their pretty or their sexy… but bcuz sone see something inside snsd ownself…i will just change of liking them if their attitude is as bad as what we call ugly is…

  55. I love the extent to which these die-hard fans will go to defend their idols, even to the lengths of turning blind to the obvious. -outsider’s opinion

    PS: There’s a fat chance these people above will gang up on me. kekeke

  56. I do not believe that they had surgery. I mean those pictures were taken years ago when they were probably in the stage of changing (puberty). The skin brightening can be make up and change of lighting. Eyelids can be more defind once you grow older (Happened to me for example),eyelid tapes, etc. When you’re in that stage where your body changes, it’s not only the mid-lower body that changes, but the face as well. Even if you’re finished with that stage (puberty), you can define your features with massages and other techniques. Even if you don’t believe me and if they actually had plastic surgery, why is that a problem? I mean, it’s just trying to improve their looks. It’s their choice not yours, so why are you bothered by it so much? Other celebrities have had plastic surgery and admitted to it and people liked the changed because it improved his/hers looks. And if you’re a true SONE, you wouldn’t be bothered or believe that they had plastic surgery. It’s not that plastic surgery can change how they act or feel. If you’re not a fan, why are you hating on them for plastic surgery? Calling them “plastic bitches” does not do anything. Is it because of their looks? Their success? Their music? Why are you wasting your time on bashing on someone who you are going to base on looks? I mean just put yourself in their place. How do you think they feel about always being accused of being “fake”, “plastic”, and “bitches”? Yea, they try to ignore it but that doesn’t mean they’ll forget it.

  57. Why do SNSD Fans hate them when they just did Plastic Surgery? I mean what if somebody just photoshopped them? And maybe some Anti-SNSD edited it?!

  58. I think they have done some minor surgeries on their face, especially on their jaws profile. Take a look at yuri, sunny and hyoyeon nowadays, they are so different from their debut profiles. I don’t hate them doing the surgery, it’s everybody’s choice to have surgery. and FYI, it could be SM that asked them to do the surgery for entertainment purpose, it means that the surgery is not purely their intention. Somehow, the surgeries are just okay for me as a fan. I love them whether they did surgeries or not.

  59. Im A hardcore fan of snsd.they do had done plastic surgery but you should not make it worser in the picture by PHOTOSHOPED it bitch!….u just know how to make an issue but u don have to make it looks like snsd is the worse.sometime makeup can make them looks different.maybe it is makeup effect.

  60. For the eyelid surgery part, it may be not true… because i know a kind of tape that helps you look like you have double eyelid. as i remember, yuri is the only one that didn’t have surgery…

  61. At first, i can’t believe that they are plastic surgery.

    But whatever happen i’m still a snsd fan. Especilly( sooyoung)

  62. Even if it is really true that they had done plastic surgeries… We still need to support them because that is what other artists also do so that they would look better and be confident about themselves in front of other people or to the public… And if they really did, those surgeries or changes are not so clear, it looks like its natural… We also all know that most of the artists really did plastic surgeries because their managers wants them to look better in public…. But we need to be honest of ourselves that if we have enough money to make ourselves to look better we will also do that… RIGHT??…. But all of those can also be through the “MAGIC OF MAKE-UP”…. Anyway,that’s only my opinion because I’m also a big fan of K-pop especially SNSD and f (x)…. Thank You!!! Just sharing my thoughts and opinion….

  63. I really don’t mind them getting surgery but at least this gives a lot of people assurance that nobody is perfect and they don’t have to hate themselves just because life is unfair. Because these girls surely came out not perfect

  64. I think yoona is natural……famous cosmetics company like innisfree will not gamble their products to a model that is sculptured by a doctor….that’s ridiculous…it will ruin their company….people change as they grow whether in physical or mental.

  65. Well… that’s not a very big deal then….. If they really had their surgeries then they did it because they want to look better in public or in front of other people for them to be more comfortable in performing on stage… If we also had a chance or we have enough money then we would also try to have a surgery…RIGHT?… Well, all of us will change in physical features as we grow up…. And in Korea, those surgeries are not so serious because many of the girls their also did those surgeries…. But that is just my opinion… And for those who do not like SNSD, then stay away from this page or just don’t mind the group… Don’t tell me that you are just jealous of the projects of the group or you just don’t like them because of this surgery “thing”… I really just don’t like people that are like that, better mind your own businesses there!!

  66. Hmm maybe you’re right but I think Tiffany didn’t do anything with her skin. She was born in US and lived in Cali until the age 15. So maybe her skin just naturally became whiter.

  67. what’s the big deal dat they had their plastic surgery it is only that they are beautiful now but not then so u’r going to hate them ??lol seriously,how can ur mind be so cheap. This is their own life they can do anything what they like to do. Our work is only that if we really like them and their work then we should encourage them not embarrassing them by their past photos . It’s obviously happens seeing our past photos so what for eg, if any of ur close friend reveals ur embarrassing pictures in public ,how would feel?? Do u feel happy?? Huh…..just disgussting people

    P.s makeover can change every ugly duckling into great n bright personality but representing urself in a right way is only in ur hand so do think this also…………..anyways no hates

    At last, sorry for my bad English n grammar coz it’s my 4th language .

    Sone ❤ fighting ^^
    Saranghae 🙂

  68. Yuri didn’t get eyelid surgery. My mum had double eyelid once she grew older and my cousins too so it means that JB you grow older you eyes starts to have double eyelid like how I have a little bit now.

  69. Most of the pics used against snsd were pics of them when they are super young and still not fully matured. I’m not pro or anti surgery, just saying that if you guys wanted to to compare to see if they had or had not have plastic surgery it is better to use pics of high school and above

  70. i dont care about those things all i care is how sing and dance and entertain us with such good humor and stuff.. lets just cheer them on. SNSD Fighting!!!!! So Nyuh Shi Dae jjang !!!!!!!!!!!

  71. If all you anti-sones are comparing them to Pre-Debut pictures..WELL OF COURSE THEY’RE GOING TO LOOK DIFFERENT. They were High School students, no make-up, natural hair colors, different haircuts, different body apperance. Now, they are all adults witha fresh new image..new haircuts, new diets, make-up, wardrobe..
    They’re natural beauties…FACE IT ALREADY

  72. Okay. I am really tired of people that say they got plastic surgery. There is something called maturing and makeup. Look at your baby pictures. Of course you have the same face but there are differences. Does that mean you are plastic? no. Also things such as a skinnier nose or larger cheek bones or a more v shaped face can be achieved with a makeup technique called contouring. If you dont believe me search up conturing and notice the difference. Also, now they have their makeup done prof.

    Lightening isn’t plastic surgery. There are a lot of other ways such as drinking lots of green tea. Sunny did not get a nose job. If you have a nose job there is no bump on the bridge of your nose. Sunny still has that. Tiffany did not get surgery. She has been known for her ‘eye smile’ since she was very young. If you notice in her predebut pictures she is not smiling really big, and in her now picture her smile is big. If you do a big smile your eyes look diff. No one got surgery.

  73. People…. If you are a SONE, then please do not spread these rumors. It, although, may be true that they underwent surgery, but at least they didn’t do, like… 5 surgeries. They only did 1 to 2 surgeries… SOSHI, FIGHTING!!!!!!

  74. We like them for their talents but not their beauty. But i mean even if they had done surgery so what? Every girl in the world wishes to be perfect and beautiful. And being in a girls group they have the pressure to live up to the standard of other groups. Although i do not support plastic surgery, what is done already has been done. I wouldnt say that i am a mega fan of snsd but im just trying to help them say a few words. What we cannot do is change the fact that they did plastic surgery before, but what we can do is embrace the fact that these beautiful girls are standing before us, performing for us.

  75. i dont believe Tiffany had her eyes fixed she lost a lot of weight during that time and it dosent look like she has double eyelids it looks more like shes a bit chubby under her eyes, like she got baby fat under her eyes … a bit like f(x) Sulli

  76. I think Taeyeon didnt have surgery and Sunny too. If you will look at their non-make up pics … It’s like youre looking at their predebut lol okno but seriously I think they didnt. I think Yoona really did. That’s a really big change but I still love her. They do these for their fans too so why hate them ?

  77. Well, I’m not gonna judge because there is no statement that they actually did surgery, though Jessica and Taeyeon did say at a radio broadcast that they didn’t have surgery.. beats me.. oh, and sunny still doesn’t have double eye lids though.. a lot of pics were very blurred that you could hardly make out the shapes… and is there even a thing called jaw surgery? (there is for treatment but u know what I mean) maybe some of them did but it wasn’t really heavy.. and Tiffany is a Californian girl and it is natural to have tanned skin, though you can become whiter through the years though.

  78. It’s the magic of make-up and there maturity. When snsd posted photos which they have no make up, they are still the same. Common sense people, every artist in the world will developed in their own ways and there are people who are Late Bloomers. SoNyeoShiDae Always ❤

  79. Damn Anti’s!!! I was so shock in tiffany’s photo! i dont think that photo belongs to her! Look on that girl singing with a tan skin, so chubby and i dont believe that its tiffany and tiffany is not that tall enough ! just compare it!! And also in Yoona.. i dont thik that she have done surgery because our faces get matured and sometimes it’s shape changes in our pre debut. So please! Stop it! theyre so beautiful inside and out! Keep loving snsd! theyre so fantastic!

  80. How can you say that you Love SNSD? Especially YOONA?
    is this the way you show your Love? what the####
    Youre just afraid to have HATERS/BASHERS thats why you said that you Like Them…
    if you really like them,help them to make their images good! NOT THIS!!!
    All People have their own right to do what they want. Even if thay dont want..

  81. i don’t know if they did plastic surgeries or not but i believe in make up magic, everyone said that my face was really change from time to time but i don’t do any surgeries its because make up and facial treatment. when i saw my old day photos of mine i was like “who is this girl?” hahaha so i think its just their make up.

  82. some of the pics for fany entry r not her. some pics r lee yeon hee(im not remember he name) which was one of trainee that expected to be snsd member..she is now a former member of 5 dolls.

  83. i think jessica sooyoung and hyoyeon did most of the PS. Yoona had a few but I don’t see so much difference. Taeyeon also did change a bit. Tiffany seems to have gotten some major change but not as much as the jess soo and hyo. Yuri obviously got eyelid surgery but I don’t think it’s considered a major surgery. it’s like getting braces on your teeth in korea. sunny changed her eyes too and her nose seems a little different. Only seohyun didn’t get any PS I’m so happy for her. Although I would still consider Yoona Taeyeon adn Yuri on the pretty natural looking ones considering how they didn’t change too much esp yuri.

  84. Well, Yuri’s double eyelid surgery may not be true… There is a possibility of getting double eyelids during the stage of growing, we never know. Shouldn’t we respect them and not ridiculously assuming one’s appearance? Well, that’s how I feel.

  85. i think tiffany is not do a whitening skin,,, just see tiffany pictures when she was maybe 5 or 6 years old,, she has a white skin,,, but i dunno xD haha,,,

  86. did you just seriously says that you don’t believe they did plastic surgery?? its korea artist girl, you should choose not to believe if they say they did not do plastic surgery

  87. Some people develop double eyelids and more defined nose when they get older, I know that because my eyelids were uneven before and the other eyelid started developing and now they’re even. And as for Yoona, I think she looked prettier before she had surgery or something and Tiffany, didn’t change much. Having fairer skin isn’t surgery. Just because she became fairer doesn’t mean it’s surgery. Does “Tanning” yourself classify as surgery when you didn’t go under a knife? No. Same as becoming fairer. Plus she changed a lot because she got skinnier. I don’t think Sunny and Taeyeon went under a surgery. Plus there is something called “Make Up”. You could always make your eyes look big with make up. Well as for the others I think they did. Just my opinion.

  88. lol. even they r ur favourite idol, you should accept it that they’ve done surgey. in korea, appearance is the most important. we don’t have anything to judge them but exactly don’t denied that they didn’t get any plastic surgery. its obvious. open ur eyes, see the differences. its so annoying when their fans denied about their plastic surgery when they actually had it

  89. I don’t hate them or anything. I actually do like them, but you fans are BLIND if you don’t see that they’ve had plastic surgery! I’m only saying the truth, not to be mean, spiteful, nor jealous.

  90. People don’t just grow out of their nose shape! Their nose does continue to grow, but the shape stays the same! Again, I’m a fan of them, and I’m saying the truth.

  91. First of all, it isn’t any of our decisions but theirs or SMs own if they want to get surgery done. Secondly, they may have gotten surgery done because SM had said so. They aren’t ‘plastic’. ‘Plastic’s are more often than not, assholes who get surgery done to look better than everyone else just to make others feel horrid about themselves. These girls are nothing but sweet and they work hard with what they do. Don’t disrespect them just because of your own personal preferences.

  92. yeah i kinda know that snsd will have to undergo plastic surgeries especially since they are in sm so i dont really believe the natural beauty thingy that was going on… however, i feel that doing plastic surgery or not is their choice and it is definitely not a sin -.- (some ppl can seriously make ps sound like a crime…) plastic surgery is not a bad thing but im not encouraging it as well, just neutral haha (i mean its just a tool) imagine if everyone on earth looks the same lol… im just grateful for the existence of snsd ❤

  93. we are who we are. It doesn’t matter to me. Yoona and the rest of the girls are still awesome no matter what? But that’s just me.

  94. To be honest. Plastic surgery is very natural in the entertainment industry. Because SNSD are ICONS. and icons should be “perfect” so that they can get cfs, movies, series, JOBS. And i believe, imo, everyone in the industry atleast went to a doctor once, for skin care etc etc. It’s just natural for an idol to experience this and we should respect them for their choice.

  95. Did u know there’s eyelid tape? Maybe snsd did do surgery but probably not, they just turned fitter during there trainee days and with the PROFESSIONAL make up artists they made snsd more paler skinned and pretty. I agree most of them had a few touches though, if you think about it if we were to be on camera with the perfect lighting (which snsd have) are skin would look perfect and paler with no spots at all, perfect fitting clothes, and the make- up would obviously make a huge difference right? So to me it’s 50 50 even if they did do surgery, at least it wasn’t to satisfy their own greed, but to reach their dreams, SM ent has a 70% looks and 30% talent and snsd are under SM ent so they were forced to do surgery? But don’t hate on snsd praise them for going that far for their dreams I use to be a hater of snsd but I stopped since they charmed me! They are my idols ( I’m a trainee)
    Thank you.

  96. I think hey didn’t over due the plastic surgery so much I mean it’s not as much surgery as other people would do.

  97. lol dun get confuse with those picture.. snsd is the only girlgroup that did not do much of the surgery, ofc they did.. but only a few. exmple like kara hara only did on her lips, n other than that is pure. many of the picture abt snsd before debut above is photoshop by antis, u can get it easily in internet. for example, try to compare taeyeon pic with her older brother and younger sister…. there is no difference…..so is taeyeon siblings also do surgery?? include kim taehae (tae sis) who 10years old??

  98. I somewhat disagree with plastic surgery….somewhat….i mean,if someone were to have a big complex regarding an aspect of their body and surgery isn´t very invasive and they afford it, go for it….. but the idea of having plastic surgery simply for the sake of it its just sad. It simply promotes bag idea of beauty and how we must look a certain way. All those girls looking up to celebrities like girls generation might think there´s something wrong with them, might consider themselves ugly and unworthy, not realising that celebrities wouldn´t look THAT good if not for external help…. And I think in Asia there´s already a big deal with trying (too hard,sometimes) to be pretty and perfect for everyone to like you. And we should rather encourage people to love themselves the way they are and embrace their flaws, not run to the doctor and get everything fixed…we´re not machines, or dolls…

  99. If ur face has a little change when u chilhood until teenager or mature. Will u call it as plastic surgery?
    I have change a little. My nose is more sharper now.
    And abt eyelids, everyone can use clipper without plastic surgery.

  100. This is not true we all know they are all natural but not sure of Tiffany I really see the difference in her before pic and now I really say she has surgery…! But Yoona and seohyun didn’t why are you trying to spreading this news that they can be not that popular now because there is a news that they have done surgery ? I really love yoona ! this is my info that Yoona didn’y use ! http://www.facebook.com/notes/girls-generation-sonyuhshidae/soshi%E1%83%A6sone-71-snsd-rankings-info-will-be-updated/489590697759810 Pls click !!

  101. Bitch please. Plastic surgery in Korea is pretty common. Make up also help a lot. You shouldnt compare that photo of Jessica with and without make up. And do you think they care if you like them or not? They dont even know you exist. Losers —

  102. i think it’s okay. they need to be beautiful bcoz they are public figures. let’s just accept the fact that we like stars with beautiful faces ;))


  104. OMG!!! Half of them looked so pretty before surgery!!! Now they look better.
    Tho i wish that they hadnt had it done in the first place but they’d still look PERFECT!!!

  105. You know I don’t have to look at someone else’s before pics to know whether or not they have plastic surgery. Honestly, I don’t believe they had plastic surgery. Anyone who had nose job would appear straight and angular; they look curvy which what a natural nose would look like. As for the rest the pics they wear eyelash,eyelid tape and are taken at an angle and makeup/photoshop which could account for the difference in appearance. I don’t think you are right in your evaluation.

  106. I dont get it..why most korean had plastic sugery..they have no self confidence..what about their own face?if its like that just only a tiny things that make our face not perfect not beauty we do the PS ,no one in this world had natural beauty..just thanks to god what He create us..if God create us with no face?how do you think?just accept what we are..you guys dont read an article that the husband sue his own wife because they had ugly kids because of the wife PS??come on guys..please just be ourself..beautiful cant buy anything..just my opinion..and dont be mad

  107. Say everything why you hate this girls but don’t you think they are the part of the groups that made kpop be recognized and what kpop is now? And if they took surgery why is this a big deal to others if your favorite artist also took the same procedure? :/ And hating this girls won’t make you beautiful like them okay? :3 Try to compare a picture of you and their picture during their debut days I bet they are prettier than you so don’t judge them cause you can’t remove the fact that many people loves and supports them and the fact that they are the “National Kpop Girl Group” in Korea. 🙂 And one of the most successful KPOP groups.

  108. haha.. whats wrong with you all.. Taeyeon is my GF, whenever and whereever i see was her.. so i know yeah she did, nothing can stop my love to her 🙂
    she rearranged her teeth and some around her chin, I love the way she was, but I appreciated her decisions XD
    no big deal as long as she loves me 🙂

  109. how many jealous sluts are here?only one girl did plastic surgery and she even told so herself, everyone else look just the same like those “before pictures”, where theyre just without make up…and the biggest jokes are these tiffany pictures, which isnt even her, thats a totaly different person…plz you jealous sluts just piss off, no wonder no ones paying you some attention, being so jealous and hateful, you must really be very ugly…do something about it, but dont try to make others look bad you worthless scum.

  110. compare your picture when you were a kid and your present picture. See the difference? Childhood pictures is part of growing up.

  111. I dont think YoonA did her nose job,her childhood photos are similar and very recognizable,I’ve seen other kpop idols on their pre debut pics and I can’t even recognize them! I dont think having a very little change of ur facial features like eyelids,jawline or whitening skin are already called a plastic surgery! And make up has power,if u always apply make up,your eyelids or ur face might change a bit! Even me! I admit I’m not that pretty before but I never did surgey and i dont use make ups,except eyeliner,but many people said I’VE CHANGED! Anyway,I believe SNSD are REAL Goddesses… 🙂

  112. Aren’t those pictures hater’s troll ? I mean, if you look at SNSD’s childhood pictures, you can tell it’s not hem on those pictures… T_T A few of them may have done plastic surgery, but only for a small thing, not a big deal. I don’t believe any of this…

  113. Why does it even matter if they got plastic surgery? You all calling them fake is probably just out of jealousy. I would change my looks if I got the chance, it doesn’t make me “fake” it means that maybe i’m self conscious about the way I look.

  114. MY BABIES!! >.< I love Girl's Generation theyre like my LIFE!!!! ( SHINee too ) I will accept the fact that have PS because, i know its for their own good ( Its part or their job as being an idol )and plus guys they are from SM we all know that almost ALL! SM artists looks so damn hot/cute/good. Having a PS in Korea is a part of their tradition and plus if and of GG members undergo PS it wont stop me for loving them

  115. There is something called growing up and losing weight…

    Jessica: Getting your teeth fixed is not a surgery. I don’t see ANY difference in Jessica’s jaw.

    Hyoyeon: I, again, don’t see any difference.

    Sunny: Still the same eyelids… She probably just uses makeup. Many people do that and no one says they did a plastic surgery.

    Taeyeon: Same thing.^

    Tiffany: Same thing^ but also, she used to live in California and then went back to Korea for SNSD. So her skin probably got a lot whiter. When I was younger, I had darker skin. But now, I stopped going out by the sun a lot and so my skin is now much brighter.

    Yoona: Uhh, you do know that when you hit puberty your nose changes and then kind of god back to normal, don’t you?

    Yuri: I don’t see any difference. Her eyelids probably change because of makeup.

    I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just pointing out what I see from my perspective.

  116. Thanks for reminding me to make a page about SNSD’s plastic surgery.
    My page will be better because it won’t be made by fan who is intentionally excluding blatant plastic surgery procedures that the members have had.

    PS: It’s not cool to have plastic surgery & keep it secret so that some poor sucker births your ugly children. It’s also not cool to the children.
    Also, it’s messed up to make young fans who aren’t attractive feel even worse about their looks by secretly getting plastic surgery and claiming to be a ‘natural beauty’.

  117. I’m a huge kpop fan, and I know a lot of idols have had plastic surgery. Here’s my take on the whole issue: I think that if there’s something about your physical appearance that makes you that self-conscious, unhappy, or causes people to make fun of you; you are entitled to have plastic surgery.

    However, I can’t really agree with the plastic surgery a lot of these kpop stars have. I mean, look at these SNSD girls. None of them were unattractive before they had plastic surgery; some of them might not have been able to be kpop stars without it though :P. They just used plastic surgery as a means to become prettier and push their way into kpop stardom. No, it’s not a bad thing to want to be prettier. But when you do it by having surgery you don’t need, you’re just setting a bad example.

    What bothers me the most is when they try to deny having had work done.

    I’m not going to give up kpop because most kpop idols have had plastic surgery, but I don’t agree with those who did (I still love them though <3)

  118. I don’t really like plastic surgery, but in their case, they need it. South Korea is very judging based on appearances, so if they’re idols, people are going to try to single out their flaws. I think that it’s better for them to have plastic surgery because if they have confidence, they seem more beautiful. I think that Jessica’s and Tiffany’s transformations were the most drastic. I think that Seohyun didn’t get any plastic surgery because she still basically looks the same. Plus, I’m not sure if Sunny has had any plastic surgery because she still seems to have monolids…..

  119. UGHHH why? JUST WHY?? They do know that when they have kids they wont look like how they are right now..they will look like how they where before. . This also goes to the kpop guys.. & to you PEOPLE that keep saying (aww there going to have cute babies) no the baby wont come out all white with a perfect jawline or big eyes. They will look like how u they where before the plastic surgery. Im not hating or anything just saying why get plastic surgery. .what good will it get you in life..EVERYONE IS NOT PERFECT/BEAUTIFUL.

  120. LOL Okay i cant judge if single eyelid-double eyelid is surgery because I myself spent a horrible 12-13 years WITHOUT eyelids.
    Then one day i woke up rubbed my eyes and miraculously had double eyelids LOL
    + things like eyelid tape and eyelid glue exists. I have friends who used those for years and have double eyelids (w/o eyelid tape/glue) now..
    same for noses. My nose bridge was flatter then a airport runway and i somehow grew into a pretty average-for-an-asian nose bridge over my teenage days.

    So yeah, I think most of them just grew into good looks.. Of course, weight loss and makeup etc probably helped a hell lot.

    But Jessi’s jaw DID change alot. And I don’t think jaws naturally get smaller with time.

  121. Seriously, stop please! What’s your problem!? Are you people so free so you decided to do all these? THIS IS ULTIMATELY STUPID. Spare a thought for them. They are humans too. Nobody is perfect. And what’s the big deal if they really did p.s. ?? Is it really that important!? As long as their inner beauty outshine these flaws, right.
    Lolz, just when one turns famous, all these rumors and bullshit starts to outburst. HAH. Friggin irritating.

  122. Hi:) I’m sone from outside Korea. Here is my opinion about this article. Your uppermost photo of Tiffany wearing black dress is fake! That was not Tiffany! Most of haters try to pick out someone’s photos whose face shape almost the same. I will give explanation for some of them
    1. Tiffany
    If you see her latest picture (in 2013 or 2014 without make up) you will see her face is the same as hers during predebut
    2. Yoona
    I think it’s because she grews up as usual. They just change her hairstyle so they can make different face shape. If you watch SNSD’s MV, Fanny was so chubby but later when her hair was changed her face became pointed and yoona’s is too!. Yoona’s nose is due to make up i think though I’m not expert at making up someone, but I believe make up can change everything.

    Here I just want to clarify about Yoona and Tiffany

  123. Plastic surgery doesn’t help, it’s costly and the results don’t last long…only a few years! But I must say the Jessica looks so different in terms of face complexion, teeth… not a really good idea!

  124. come ON, people. they belong to SM…do you really think a company like that who looks at kids’ front, back, and side profile during auditions WOULDN’T make their idols undergo plastic surgery? PLEASE. we all know that looks sell. isn’t that why some of you are here? don’t tell me you are attracted to only their voices and NOT their looks. looks SELL and SM knows it. And those saying that their nose changed over time? that their photos have been altered? really? all of your naivety disgusts me. open your eyes, please. just because they are your favorite idols, it takes a lot of work and most of all, dedication to reach the top. instead of coming up with lame excuses to protect your idols, how about you just accept the fact that they just had to do what needed to be done to get to where they are now? because i’m sure that if they DIDN’T get any plastic surgery done, their posters would NOT be hanging in your bedroom right now.

  125. If you call this plastic surgery, I guess I’ve also done it then. Point: people do change from when they were teens to adults.

  126. Seem u really like to compare 2006-2007 to 2011-2012 pic huh??? anyway what wrong with PS??? i really hate that stupit dumb bitches hater…

  127. Most of the surgeries listed above are common in Korea, especially double eyelid surgery. Most kids get it done in high school and some even younger, it’s just a beauty standard.

  128. Damn they are all so ugly and yet they think they are the prettiest in the world. Even after plastic surgery they just look decent, not extremely pretty. Yet people are so crazy for them.

  129. well well, I dnt buy the fact most of kpop celebrities end up doing plastic surgery. well I think those who indulge themselves in such act do not have confident in themselves. am sure they really look @ themselves too much in the mirror then ends up insecure of themselves. because as a person, you have believe in yourself, love who you and cherish what you have because thats the way God created you. we are all unique in our own ways. as ladies as you all are, you all have your qualities and features Which makes who you are. I know u all have your right and liberties but please and please again with my lovely and beautiful Korean ladies to love and cherish who they are then others will love you. keep ur gud work up… am ur fun from Ghana. saranghae unnieees!!!!

  130. well well, I dnt buy the fact that most of Korean celebrities under go plastic surgery. even though you gut your right and liberties to whatever you think is good for because It’s your life. but in my opinion, I will say these ladies who under go this knife surgery lack self confident. they dnt believe in themselves. moreover, I think they end looking at themselves in mirror then end up seeing fault on themselves they end up feeling insecure of themselves. as ladies as you all are, you all gut your qualities and features in your own way making you unique. as a ladies you have to learn to love yourself for who you are, and appreciate and cherish How God created you. besides all fingers are not equal. the best thing to do is to take care of yourself and live a healthy strong life. don’t live your life to please anybody but God. thank you all. your fun from Ghana…saranghae unnniiieeeesssss!!!

  131. the only eyelid surgery i agree on is yuri’s, because you can see she had them already but she went to deepen it. other’s eyelid i can’t tell too much because you can’t really tell lol. i didn’t have double eyelids when i was born but it actually grew. in 5th grade my eyes had different eyelids, it was soo weird looking at the pictures. one is a monolid the other is double, and today i have both double eyelids. just a fun fact

  132. Surgery or not, i don’t understand where is the problem. They still have a lot of talent. Plus in Korea, it’s a “normal” thing.

  133. I am a sone and I’m pretty sure the majority of them, if not all, got plastic surgery. But who cares? They’re just minor adjustments, like double eyelid surgery or nose tweaking. They still resemble how they looked before, and it’s not like they have a new face plastered on top. I believe plastic surgery is unnecessary, but I have nothing against people who do it.

    Besides, it might not even be their choice. Apparently PSY (from “Gangnam Style”) was pressured to get plastic surgery by his record company bosses. Perhaps this is the real issue, not the plastic surgery itself…

  134. U all still say thats all not a surgery??
    Oh cmon…even stupid ppl are able to recognize that
    In fact, south korea is the highest number country of plastic surgery in the WORLD. Cmon dont be a coward and deny that
    Korean beauty is about fake, n whats making me sick is korean ppl judge a person by its cover no matter what ability she/he can do, how many talented and smart they are
    Thats crazy, insane, pathetic, and such a moron

  135. hoi ayaw mo cge ug pataka ug tabi nakakita man kaha mo pagkabata nla dba?? in ana man judt nah mubinat mana ilang mga nawng kai teen agers nah bya nah cla!!!!

  136. I’m sorry but some of these comments are just stupid. The shape of your nose or jawline won’t change when you lose your baby fat. Your face may look thinner, but your bone structure will remain the same.

    Jessica definitely got something done, she doesn’t even look like the same person. I think Yoona’s got a nose job too, maybe something else. And Hyo looks different but I’m not sure if she had surgery or if it’s just makeup and hair, etc.

    The other girls don’t look all that different. As for Tiffany, she was indeed a lot darker, but maybe she was just tanned, since she used to live in California, as someone mentioned.

    And eyelid surgery is no big deal? How is surgically changing your face normal? I mean, why fix something that’s already perfect?

    I hate to sound judgemental, but I think asian standards of beauty are so self depreciating. Must be exausting trying to look like someone you’re not. It’s really sad.

  137. Looks like yoona got a forehead filler as well as the nose job… possibly even a chin sawing. *puke*

  138. well, it doesnt matter if they did surgery or not, i still love them more with this…i understand in korea that when u entered in showbiz u need to change ur look a bit to be more presentable…and i think all celebrities in korea took a surgery thing…if u ar a true fan…u mostly like their talents not their looks(looks is just a bonus)…i love their musics and talents (from the bottom of my heart)…so its just a usual thing to celebrities to took surgeries…i’m just a li’l bit surprise to jessica..she’s the ugliest without surgery…i’m not bashing her, it’s just my opinion…i really hate basher …just go and rot in hell..

  139. Seohyun looks have done surgery, hey look at her eyes. It looks wall-eyed. Her previous eyes is small and defined round shape
    But now get bigger and have long eyelids.
    I think yoona does’nt have surgery her nose in her childhood DOES NOT CHANGE AT ALL. Well, it matures more. Lifted nose. But seohyun is not natural beauty. She done EYES SURGERY AND BOOBS SURGERY.

  140. oh come on.
    i don’t like SNSD that much,but i’m not a HATER. all i can say is.. they ARE goddess drop the “surgery” things.
    but APink is the most cute girl group, sorry to say this, but hey, i’m right nae? nae? ^^ well hi PANDAS and SONES!!

  141. I don’t even mind the plastic surgery. If they decide that they are more confident and can do their jobs better with plastic surgery than without, it is their choice (although I do believe that they are setting ridiculous expectations for females, especially when they promote as somewhat “natural beauties”). However, the thing that upset me the most was the photoshopping in Yoona’s pictures for the uniform. It’s not her fault, but it appalls me that there are people in the media industry want people to view an “ideal woman” as one with barbie-like proportions, including a waist that is thinner than her head. Think about how much influence the people in the media industry, including celebrities like SNSD, have on the expectations the international audience. I am greatly disappointed that, sadly, many still believe it to be true and base their self-worth on their proximity to the unattainable standard of “beauty” defined by those who prey on insecurity, and the ones who are the most vulnerable.

  142. It really makes me confusing why people always DOWN SNSD because of the Surgery thingy. I mean, in Kpop stars, it is in demand. And almost all Kpop stars did that. I agree they went to surgery, but why is it Antis are making it a big deal? Is it just because they are the NO.1 KPOP GIRL GROUP existing that’s why people keep bragging them down? Holy shit. HAHAHAAH. Sone here \m/

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  144. I think that plastic surgery is not a big deal especially for celebrities , but I don’t like the fact that they are denying that they had one 🙂

  145. Are all plastic including yoona ami also do not come with it’s natural nose note in sight and jaw too.

  146. Plastic surgery is no big deal in korea, but i don’t know why suddenly i feel way more prettier than the-so-called goddesses SNSD. From now on, i’ll thanks to God for my beautiful face

  147. Still, even thou some members just did an eye lids surgery, they are idols not only for K-netizen but also worldwide as well. This will make young girls just being obsessive with their appearance only. So sad to think about how many girls just don’t love theirselves as a who they are now.

  148. What I think about plastic surgery, It’s make you FAKE, you don’t appreciate your body-face-ect. I want to see what happens in your future life SNSD.

  149. All over the world, many takes plastic surgery to enhance their beauty. Nothing wrong with that, in my opinion. Yoona and Yuri are beautiful from the start.. and they look more pretier when they used the med tech.

  150. Wow So Seohyun is pretty much the prettiest of all of them because she didn’t do any surgery And don’t hate cause all the pics prove it she still look same even when she was a little kid YAY!! SEOBABY IS THE BEST!

  151. I’m sorry but none of them look like they had plastic surgery. Especially Yoona’s nose. Before and after were the same. Maybe Jessica’s jaw. But that isn’t plastic surgery. It’s for health purpose as well. Seriously haters gonna hate…

  152. wow, all these haters talking about how SNSD is plastic…hmm same comments that were made about Hyori, but she proved everybody wrong by a doing a full body x-ray showing nothing is plastic on her. And, you cannot compare pictures from over 10 years and say that it’s plastic surgery! People, women especially, continue to grow every day until their 20’s, including facial features, body, eyes, and yes, nose. After all, it’s not a bone, it’s cartilage. and BTW, having plastic surgery is no big deal now. A LOT of actors, actress’ and singers are coming forward about having it done, and they’re still embraced for it. Goo Hara is known for her innocent beauty and she admitted to getting work done. Let’s stop pointing fingers and hating on them, because all that means is you are all so insecure of your own issues that you have to hate on someone else. Next you’ll hear someone bitching and whining about how Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Jessica had vocal surgery to improve their singing, and Hyoyeon had dislodged joint surgery to help her pop n lock better. Jeez-ass, judge thyself before judging others, IDIOTS!

  153. I know that Girls’ Generation can’t do that plastic surgery because they are not lier if they said that they did not plastic surgery it means that it’s true…

  154. I kinda don’t agree with the plastic surgery because I think that natural beauty matters. I don’t give any care that they looked so different then as they do now, I still thought that they were beautiful (more of adorable) before the surgery.

  155. i love my nature faces… i’m afraid to cut my lovely face… homever…they are an idol so they want to be more than pretty. i agree about that. but,please…you have a nature face! so please…

  156. Im very sad, coz we all know that plastic surgery are risky, and our bias would get in trouble and have their faces destroyed, i hope they dont try to change anymore, they probably were suffering of this surgery for years, once they got pressure of fans and SM to look perfect.

  157. Tiffany to me hasn’t has surgery, her nose stayed the same, you look at side views, nothing’s changed, they appearence face foward her nose is contoured and using skin products for whitening skin isn’t considered surgery at all, and she was “chubby” which she wasn’t but lost alot of weight hence making her cheek bones showing ten times more

  158. Guys, even if they went under the knife for something small. It’s still plastic surgery! Get over yourself and accept the truth. It’s hurts to know the truth but it’s reality. at the end they’re still the same person. 🙂

  159. i do believe in their plastic surgery bcoz i saw their before and after photos so i was convinced, when i took a look on yoona’s chin when she’s stiill in high school, i noticed that it was more bigger than her chin now..but i dont think yuri also did a plastic surgery coz i can see her natural beauty..jessica, really did a big mistake on her face so i do belive that she actually did the same as well like the others….

  160. for me,they have the rights to do that.there are also many people out there who tried plastic surgery too.we dont have a right to judge them.they are just like us.they have choices and we also have choices.if you think thats a mistake,we people out on public industry have mistakes too.if youre a true fan of snsd,just support and respect them.

  161. Taeyeon- nose job

    Yoona- nose job

    Jessica- jaw

    Tiffany- double eyelid & nose

    Sunny- double eyelid

    Seohyun- none

    Hyoyeon- double eyelid & ________ & __________

    Yuri- double eyelid & nose?

    Sooyoung- double eyelid & nose

  162. Taeyeon had nose job too. Right now her nose is small compared to that in the picture. No hate, just need u to update this.

  163. It just annoys me ppl market Yoona as a natural beauty…*rolls eyes*

    Yoona did plastic surgery. Yoona isn’t natural at all. It doesn’t change how i feel about her but i wish ppl would stop lying when yoona had plastic surgery and isn’t natural. It annoys me.

  164. Hyoyeon tiffany and jessica are really really obvious but hyoyeon is the worst one she did too much eyes .. nose..jawline .. lip injinction and she remade her eye brow …… !!!! is like she bought a new face 😦

  165. am i the only who think tiffany hasn’t had double eyelid surgery done? because i’ve read other blogs/articles speculating the procedures (if ever) these girls have gone under and almost always they all come to the conclusion that tiffany’s had double eyelid surgery done (the others are more or less inconsistent).

    i mean, if you look at her old photos (the ones where she’s still in america), her double eyelid is noticeable. maybe it isn’t as obvious due to her skintone and/or the quality of the picture, but it’s there. she only looks different now because of makeup done around her eyes, which makes them look bigger and rounder. but if you watch her CF and look at her ad for Biotherm (where she virtually wears no makeup around her eyes), you can see that they’re still the same as the ones in her old photos.

  166. We should agree that some of them have one surgery I know that their fan will always defend them saying that they are all natural . But I accept that fact that a lot a Korean idols are not perfect .I But it’s a common things in Korean . Always being judged by their look. They have great voices and plastics or not, that doesn’t change anything . You love them for what they are and their voices if you’re a fan . Not only the outside

  167. Yoona – honestly, the changes in her nose are so small, could be cosmetic.
    Taeyeon – honestly nothing
    Tiffany – OBVIOUS nose job, tbh, and skin whitening, eyelid.
    Yuri – Nose, Eyelid….slight jaw
    Jessica – Jaw, nose, many many times.
    Sunny – Jaw, nose, eyes (not eyelid, more)
    Sooyoung – possible work on nose
    Hyoyeon – Obvious nose and jaw surgery
    Seohyun – honestly nothing

    It would make no sense for Seohyun to have surgery. She became an idol because an SM agent saw her on the street and she was so pretty that they asked her to audition. It was her beauty that got her noticed, so if she’s naturally pretty, why do surgery? Taeyeon looks so much the same that I’m afraid she doesn’t age. Sooyoung and Yoona both look the same but with some weight loss, their noses have small differences so it’s probably cosmetic and makeup, no surgery. Everyone else had a subsantial amount of work done, mostly Jessica and Hyoyeon. Sad b/c Hyo was pretty to begin with.

  168. I honestly dont care if you’re a celebrity dping plastic surgery..it’s competitive and it’s your job to do what u can and your face is part of the money-maker process. I always known yoona had work done and was sick and tired of her being marketed at a natural goddess… give me a break. I know jessica had work done but at least her old pictures she was actually already above average. In fact, ive seen a lot of her junior high school photos are she is actually pretty naturally even before ps.

  169. No. This is so inaccurate. The members who have had the most you said they had less and the ones who had the least you said had the most. My mom works with plastic surgery/used to and this is what she said looking at the photos:
    Taeyeon – Jaw + Eyelid + Nose job.
    -She definitely had a nosejob, it is so obvious, and my mom can tell just looking.
    -Three or four eyelid surgeries, latest one was in Party era, then Twinkle, the Boys, and Genie.
    -Tae’s jaw used to have more volume now it’s flatter and more v-shaped.

    Jessica – Jaw + nose
    -Lots of jaw shaving and reshaping to get v-shaped face.
    -Two nose jobs to get her small + skii jump nose.

    Tiffany – Eyelid surgery
    -The usual double eyelid surgery
    -The tan photos were from when she lived in California. Even so, skin whitening isn’t plastic surgery.

    Yoona – Jaw
    -Very slight jaw shaving.
    -Mom says no nose job, it looks the same but more defined- which can be done by countouring.

    Sooyoung – Nose job (?) maybe not
    -Small nose job to make nose thinner, but could also be countouring/make up.

    Yuri – Nose job + eyelid surgery
    -Obvious nose job, she’s had two, one at debut and then another around 2010-11.
    -You already posted for nose job.

    Hyoyeon – Jaw + Nose + Eyes
    -Lots of jaw shaving + reshaping
    -nose job post-Genie era, eye surgery once.

    Seohyun – None

    Sunny – Nose + eyes
    -Two nose jobs, one right before debut and one The Boys era

    Only natural is Seohyun, followed by Sooyoung and Tiffany, who are very natural except for minor tweaks that don’t even count considering 99% of SK students get eyelid surgery.

  170. oh c’mon Yoona’s present pic was compared while she was very young! how could you say that the nose and jawline would still look the same?! Men! everyone grows! every part of the body develops more while growing up. even me, my nose became more shaped and firm when i reach college compare to when i was in highschool.. Tsss..stupid..xD tsk2! haha lmao

  171. oh c’mon Yoona’s present pic was compared while she was very young! how could you say that the nose and jawline would still look the same?! Men! everyone grows! every part of the body develops more while growing up. even me, my nose became more shaped and firm when i reach college compare to when i was in highschool.. Tsss..stupid..xD tsk2! haha lmaothis person totally DON’T KNOW what’s PUBERTY huh! HAHAHAHAHA XD STUPID!

  172. All stars in Korea do get surgery, theres not many stars who didn’t get a surgery unless they rare people who have natural beauty like Park shin-hye. Not making Yoona as a target but lots of professional plastic surgeons have stated that Yoona is a plastic surgery addict, now we are not professional surgeons, but those people have studied for a long time what face got surgery and what face didn’t. Every star does surgery little by little so that normal people don’t see the change in there face. In the kpop star’s world no one cannot not have surgery or else they cannot be stars, thats just what people in Korea have said these past few years. Its true that they could have gotten prettier by puberty but the outline of you jaw BONE itself does not change.

  173. if you wqould show thes pictures to a german… i will tell you 10000% all of them would be shocked. german don’t go to these extreme with plastic surgery. well this does look scary .. i mean their changes.. some of them look so much different.. it is sad that people don’t accept themselves the way they are but the korean media is also in fault.. always telling people to look beautiful whatever.. 😦

  174. You twats, they were born we good genes. if i compare your kid photos and your adult photos i can guarantee 100% that you have had plastic surgery because you look so damn different. Deal with it. They still look natural but you all had to pluck out where plastic surgery is done when its so subtle. Hate it when people call them plastic monsters or unnatural beauties just because they look different from when they were young. This plastic conspiracy shit, just stop and accept their current beauty.

  175. I wonder where they got the surgery done. They still look very natural! BTW Taeyeon did eye surgery too. Now she look like a goddess! So pretty! ♡

  176. I find it weird that people know that they are plastic,but still call them “beautiful”on shows and they can accept it so naturally like they were real natural beauties.Especially Yoona.I really dont like that b*tch who tries to pretend as if she was born with immense beauty when she looks completely different from her predebut photos.She just has er face to show on shows now.She used to show her powerful dance moves in past shows(which i liked )but nowadays shes just makin use of snsd to make herself more popular and what does she do in the group?nothing..just showing her plastic face and pretending she is the visual of the group

  177. Tiffany looks like she used bronzer or went to tanning salon in the before pictures. Yoona looked beautiful in the the pictures from before the surgery. Do do not see how eye surgery made them look better. It seems unnecessary.

  178. You guys are either defending them (which personally I agree with) and the others are going round saying plastic batches..but who the hell cares?? Liiiiike it’s done, they look how they want, they’re happy with themselves so leave it. You’re opinion doesn’t affect them in the slightest so get over yourselves haters because you’re just parasites, annoying and self-centered. You’re not a fan off snsd, why are you even here then? You’ve made your unnecessary point now shutup and leave. Fr you guys piss me off, effin haters😒

  179. I don’t think it’s a problem that they did it as long as they admit that they did it. So people know that it’s not bad to look they way they look. But you really can not blame them when in Korea all idols have to look pretty and perfect.

  180. lol some fuken stupid retard people, think that people are retard but it themselve that are fuken retard. if that guy disgree a person opinion over micheal jack having plastic surgeries then just state your opinion that he didn’t no need to fucken be a angry cunt and using curse word at the start of a conversation. man those guy are fuken arrogant and retard by start cursing someone with different opinion then yours, you dont need to force your opinion to them.

  181. Yup…I think Yoona has definitely had some work done. There are some pretty obvious evidence circling around. Although they are very subtle, but you can see it if you look closely. But regardless whether they had surgeries or not, they still all look great!

  182. Yeah,, full of plastic as almost all the koreans on the industry, but what about Taeyeon teeth they look so fake, she must have them done time before to auditions because her smile is just unreal, and the teeths of the superior part are diferent in color than the lower part and the lower teeths are uneven, maybe the lower teeths are the real ones

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