[News & Photos] f(x) celebrates their 3rd year anniversary

fx_sulli_7854480207876854158.jpg (800×570)fx_luna_7423036512506449605.jpg (666×800)

f(x) girls thanked their fans:

Krystal posted to me2day on September 5 KST: “Today, [f(x)] turns 3! Hehe. We’re old now. Please be with us until we’re old. Bbooing bbooing,” along with the photo below.

Victoria also posted on her me2day, “f(x)’s 3rd anniversary, congrats congrats. Good job to the members, who’ve worked hard until now. Let’s love each other more in the future, fighting. Thank you to all those of you who support us always! Stay with us in the future too.”

Rapper Amber tweeted, “Everyone, thank you so much for spending the last 3 years with us!! Vic-mom, puppy-Lulu, princess-Soojung, little-brother-Ssul, I love you,” while Sulli wrote on me2day, “Everyone~ let’s be happy until we turn 100~~^^.”

f(x) debuted with “Lachata” back in 2009.

Source: Krystal’s me2day; Victoria’s me2day; Amber’s Twitter; Sulli’s me2day


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